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Medical, Surgical and Dental services for Small Animals and Equines.

Whangamata Animal Hospital staff consider veterinary medicine to be a profession and a vocation.

We endeavor to provide the best health care to our patients with compassion and enthusiasm. We regard our patients, clients, professional and support staff as a community.

We are a team working to ensure that your pets enjoy a healthy and happy life. We offer our clients their best options for disease prevention and treatment so they can make decisions that fit their own unique family.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 1pm
24 Hour Emergency Service Available

Phone: (07)   865 8387

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Complete Pet Healthcare

YOU can’t drive down Aickin Road without noticing the cute faces of Jack the dog and Mika the cat high above Whangamata Animal Hospital.

Owner, operator and veterinarian Dr Stefan Walther runs the newly established clinic with loads of experience behind him andwith the motto pets are family too!

Stefan trained and worked in the UK and has worked all over the world. For 10 years he worked in Bermuda before moving to New Zealandwith his family in 2004. In Bermuda Stefan attended to average domestic pets as well as exotic animals from the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo. He had the opportunity to work extensively with turtles, horses, flamingos, lemurs, sloths and even dolphins.
Pictures of his amazing patients can be seen in his consulting room.

Bermuda was where Stefan met hiswife, Melissa after treating her cat Rusty. Stefan and Melissa married in Bermuda, their son Drake was born in Bermuda and their daughter Charlizewas born a Kiwi in 2005.

The pair split the tasks of running the hospital, Stefan does all of the medical and pet care while Melissa takes care of accounts and the computer system.

On staff is Stephanie Dowling, the friendly and knowledgeable veterinary nurse and puppy preschool teacher. Steph is a natural with animals—she happens to have two dogs, two cats, a rabbit and a guinea pig. ‘‘We endeavour to provide the best health care to our patients with compassion and enthusiasm. As a teamwe work to ensure that your pets enjoy a healthy and happy life. We inform you of your best options for disease prevention and treatment in your pets so you can make decisions that fit your own unique family,’’ says Stefan. Whangamata Animal Hospital offers routine exams, vaccines, neutering, spaying, surgery, blood testing, x-rays, chemotherapy, and dental services.

The fresh bright exterior of the hospital, across from New World, only gives a hint of the vast choice of premium pet foods, toys and accessories available along with optimum veterinary care and records due to the latest in technology with our computer system.

Convenient parking is offered and a drop-off service is also available so you can run errands in town while they take care of your pet’s medical needs.

Whangamata Animal Hospital has got everything your finned, feathered and furry friends need, along with a website which features hundreds of pet health and behaviour articles.

The team at Whangamata

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